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RE: objectclass index

You should only be using eq index for objectclass. If you never intend to
use objectclass as a search parameter, you should not index it at all. With
only 3 objectclasses in your database, there doesn't seem to be much need.

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> Subject: objectclass index
> hi list,
> for openldap2.0.X, does (should) it make any difference in performance
> whether i'm indexing objectclass "eq" or "pres"? most important is of
> course search performance, but also modifications, or at all the
> creation of the db with slapadd are interesting. i think "pres" inedxing
> should be adequate..
> the db will have just three objectclasses btw. (top and qmailuser, and
> one "organizationalunit" as it's suffix-root-entry..) and _no_ referral
> objects..
> daniel