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Re: OpenLdap version

That is a good question! I always build from source. You may be able to check 
your RPM or APT local databases if you installed a canned binary.

I don't know how you query slapd itself since there is no -v option (or equiv), 
but I think it would be a good thing to put in the root DSE. You could then 
query the server and find out.

This is the closest I can come up:

# man slapd

The version should be printed at the bottom of the man page. It is not 
guaranteed to be correct, but not a bad first step.

I even tried setting loglevel to -1 in slapd.conf and it still would not print 
its version.


SlapdQuoting Alejandra Moreno <alejandra.moreno@atrete.ch>:

> Hi!
> Where can I look for the OpenLdap version I have installed? Thanks.
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> Alejandra
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