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Re: OpenLDAP with tsl/ssl

> "Chapman, Kyle" wrote:

Kyle Chapman wrote:
> try :
> which ldapsearch...  if it is using tools that came with the OS, that
> is why -H isnt recognized.
> where is your openldap ldapsearch installed on the remote machine?

I installed Openldap 2.0.18. without slapd and ldbm on the remote
machine and now "ldapsearch -H ldap://..."; is working.
(Quite stupid thing that I didn't think about this earlier.) But I
forget "-with-tls", so that "ldaps://.." doesn't work yet on this host.
But I think after recompiling with this option it should work.

It seems that my last unsolved problem is PHP with SSL. I was searching
for more information about that since 3 workdays, but did'nt find
anything else apart from the short comment in the PHP-Manual. Does
anybody have any experience in this?

Thank you.