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Re: OpenLDAP with tsl/ssl (repost - smtp problem)

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 09:28:53AM +0100, Prune wrote:
>  >This seems to be my problem: i can't use the options -H or -Z from
>  >remote host. This always cause an error "Invalid option -H". (From local
>  >host everything is running fine.) My PHP seems to have a problem with
>  >using the URI instead of the hostname too. Even when I use "ldap_connect
>  >("ldap://FQDN";)" the script can't connect the LDAP server. But it's PHP
>  >4.0.6, so it should be able to handle URIs.
>  >
> I think so... never had time to try php and ldaps yet :)

ldapsearch need to be the OpenLDAP one, and the library used to
compile it need to have SSL/TLS enabled. If you use the libs and
the ldapsearch that was built/distributed together with slapd,
you should be okay.

PHP doesn't know URLs by itself, they are just passed to the
OpenLDAP API. As I said, if ldapsearch works with -H ldaps://...
then PHP should work as well if compiled with the same libs. If
you get ldapsearch to work and still have problems with PHP,
please ask on PHP mailing lists.