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Re: inconsistent replication behavior

I figured out the problem.  I had schema checking turned on on my slave.  This was breaking things because inetLocalMailRecipient is non-existent as an objectclass.
Sorry for the wasted bits.  :)

1.) your script sure is binding as "cn=root,dc=birddog,dc=com" when performing updates..?

What is the best way to create a privileged user other than root?

Daniel Tiefnig wrote:

Terry Davis wrote...:

My slave is not getting updated. My master changes when a modify
comes along but not my slave.

Here is my slapd.conf on my master:
replogfile /var/log/slapd.replog
replica host=ldap2.birddog.com:389
       bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

Here is my slapd.conf on my slave: updatedn "cn=root,dc=birddog,dc=com" updateref ldap://ldap1.birddog.com

1.) your script sure is binding as "cn=root,dc=birddog,dc=com" when performing updates..?

2.) is there a file called "ldap2.birddog.com:389.rej" in the same directory where your slurpd.replog resides..? is there anything in it..?

3.) try running slurpd with option "-d", what does the output say..?

4.) is there a second db that should be replicated in your slapd.conf..? slurpd can only handle one db. (you'll have to start slurpd twice with different config files, if you want do do this..)


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