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inconsistent replication behavior


My slave is not getting updated. My master changes when a modify comes along but not my slave.

Here is my slapd.conf on my master:
replogfile /var/log/slapd.replog
replica host=ldap2.birddog.com:389
       bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

Here is my slapd.conf on my slave: updatedn "cn=root,dc=birddog,dc=com" updateref ldap://ldap1.birddog.com

My master is ldap1 and my slave is ldap2.

My script is using ldap1 to make the changes by the way.
When I tail the slapd.replog, I get entries put in there but its like slurpd is not taking care of them on the slave. Any ideas? I am running the latest stable from today ( just updated). I was seeing this problem before I updated as well.