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Re: ldapsearch fails partway through a search

On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 02:46:19AM +0000, GNU Pth wrote:
> 1) Have you tried to reproduce the problem with a different number of 
> records?

Whatever I add/remove, it always appears to fail after retrieving 17

> 2) Have you tried deleting your boss's record?

Yep.  Turns out he shouldn't take it personally. :)

> Are both machines identical in the operating system and thread support 
> library? fenrir seems to be Debian, according to the slapd dump.

Yep, both running Debian GNU/Linux, testing distribution.  Both are
updated daily.  The package list on each is virtually identical (fenrir
has some extra -dev packages because it's where I've been building

> You may know that I'm having problems with threading on Red Hat 7.0. What 
> threading libraries are you using on your Debians?

slapd claims to be using libpthread.so.0 which is from the libc6 package
(version 2.2.4-5).  I'm afraid I know nothing about threading libraries
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