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Re: question about pam_ldap

ou=People is the default naming context used by the Migration tools (padl.com) for populate your ldap database with the users found in /etc/passwd. see the file migrate_common.ph if you want to modify that.
in ldap.conf you have at least to change the base parameter, but i think that's all because pam-ldap will use by default the filter objectClass=account to find the users. change also that if you don't use the class account for the user's entries.

Lise Didillon

At 17:12 22/11/01 +0800, =?gb2312?B?Y2FybC5odWFuZyBb/FO9qORoXQ==?= wrote:

I'm new to openldap. I setup a ldap server. I use
pam_ldap in client  machine for user to login.

I have a question:
In client machine, from /var/log/messages:
Nov 20 14:39:08 hjf login[3939]: pam_ldap: error trying to bind as user
"uid=hjf,ou=People,dc=padl,dc=com" (Invalid credentials).

I'm puzzling about 'ou=People'  because i don't find it in /etc/ldap.conf or
pam_ldap.so in client machine.

so how does pam_ldap determines 'ou=People'?