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Re: ldapsearch fails partway through a search

I'm using slapd 2.0.14 on a pair of machines with tls, gssapi and
sasl support built in.  On one server (ldapsearch -H ldap://fenrir/),
it works flawlessly.  On the second server (ldapsearch -H ldap://hel/),
doing ldapsearch with SASL will fail after returning some of the search
results with "ldap_result: Can't contact LDAP server".  The debugging
output (ldapsearch -d 4095) is available at:


Without using SASL (ie ldapsearch -x), it works fine.  On fenrir, it
works fine (which has, as far as I can tell, the same data and exactly
the same software -- they are intended to be identical mirrors of each
other).  The data set is not big -- it's currently only 25 records.
It always stops at the same place (funnily enough, just before the
LDAP record for the owner of the company).  I cannot reproduce it with
'connection management' debugging enabled on the server, but with some
of the other debugging bits set (this may change as I'm still
experimenting) it's available as:


Any thoughts?
graeme+sig@mathie.cx                          http://www.mathie.cx/~graeme/

Here goes, from a newbie no less. Just some thoughts:

1) Have you tried to reproduce the problem with a different number of records?

2) Have you tried deleting your boss's record?

Are both machines identical in the operating system and thread support library? fenrir seems to be Debian, according to the slapd dump.

You may know that I'm having problems with threading on Red Hat 7.0. What threading libraries are you using on your Debians?

Good luck

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