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Re: Default authentication method

Norbert Klasen wrote:
> --On Dienstag, 13. November 2001 21:05 +0100 Werner Jansen
> <jansenw@cs.tum.edu> wrote:
> > I am just facing a similar problem: We have an "old" LDAP-Server
> > running (not capable of any other than basic authentication). So I'm
> > reading ldap.conf to see how to stop any client from sending
> > authentification requests using SASL.
> > So, there's SASL_SECPROPS .....
> > But what do have to fill in to keep it authenticating the basic way?
> You could disable SASL completely:
> ./configure --without-cyrus-sasl

Yes, I thought about that. But we want to "upgrade" our server to SASL
in the near future. So this would mean to install the clients all
again (and the replication server as well, if I can remember it
right). The better way would be to disable it for now and enable it
when the server ist ready to understand it. At least it would be much
less work to distribute a new ldap.conf than to re-install ldap ...

So, is there a chance of disabling SASL without recompiling? (Please
let there be one ...)

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