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Re: Default authentication method

--On Donnerstag, 8. November 2001 11:22 +0100 Sven Eisenhauer <sven.eisenhauer@danet.de> wrote:

I am trying to use the postfix  MTA with open-ldap-client-2 package from
SuSE  7.3 professional.
But I rushed into a problem:
When I use ldapsearch, I have to pass additional parameters: "-x -P 2" to
get  results. But postfix cannot do this or yet I have not found out how
it could. When I use ldapsearch without this parameters I always get:

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Unknown authentication method

By default ldapsearch tries to read the supportedSASLMechanisms from the servers rootDSE. Since this is only supported in LDAPv3 you get the above mentioned error.

Because of this, I think postfix also has a bind problem.
So my question is:
Can I set a system wide default, that ldap client libs and all
applications  always use simple authentication and protocol version 2?

see man 5 ldap.conf, but I doubt postfix takes it into account. You should take a look at the servers logfile to see how postfix attempts to connect.

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