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Re: is there a sizelimit to groupOfNames?

Jan-Michael Ong wrote:
> Thanks for the response. Could you recommend anything for db side as to the
> version? 

OpenLDAP suite 2.0.17 is known to compile with db-3 up to 3.3.11; you
check changelogs from http://www.sleepycat.com to see what really
from previous versions.

> Also I hesitate about upgrading to openldap-2.0.17 because when I
> tried it on a development server and tried to load my schema, it complained
> that it didn't agree with them (I created custom oids one of which is the
> following )
> attributeType ( BusinessReason-oid NAME 'BusinessReason'
>          EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
>          SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
>          SYNTAX )

The 'BusinessReason-oid' cannot be used any more because
the OID must resolve to a real oid (i.e. dotted digits).


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