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is there a sizelimit to groupOfNames?

Hello --

I recently sent out an e-mail to this list subject?"missing group" today and so far I managed to test out a few things.

The group has about 3700 members (and potentially rising). We are using OpenLDAP-2.0.11, db-3.2.9 and I notice that there were some articles flying around, most notably


that mentioned that there might be a potential bug. Is this the case am I hitting some sort of upper limit for groupOfNames?

Again the group begins as:
dn: cn=ASNsp, ou=SubGroup,ou=Group1,o=MyDomain
objectclass: top
objectclass: groupOfNames
cn: ASNsp
member: uid=138@fastsigns.com,ou=Test,ou=TestGroups,o=MyDomain
[ ... snip ...]

When I try to add the group via ldapadd, it attempts to add it to the LDAP db but towards the end (I do -d 256), it says "Can't contact LDAP server" even though slapd is on and receiving connections (I also monitor the logs). What's interesting however is when I reduce the number of members from 3700 to some number say (1500), it works and the whole group is added.

I am under the impression that the group size could be at least more than 3700? Could someone please tell me where else I can look to figure out what's happening?

Here's slapd.conf dbase definition

database        ldbm
cachesize       1000000
dbcachesize     10000000
directory       /ldapdb
suffix          "o=MyDomain"
rootdn          "cn=DirectoryManager,o=MyDomain"
rootpw          secret

Thanks in advance.