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RE: Storing of voice in LDAP Directory

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From: Puneet <waliaspuneet@hotmail.com>
To: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org, Kurt@OpenLDAP.org
Sent: 10/24/01 6:55 AM
Subject: Storing of voice in LDAP Directory

>     Hi All,
>                     Is there any way that  I store voice in my
ldap dirctory?

Try using a binary data type (for an attribute) to store a .wav
or .ul... or whatever format sound file you have (unless you
want to store the ability to speak- in which case LDAP can't
help you).

>                     and how can I create my own attributes ?

Look at the admin guide.  You'll need to create
slapd.user_at.conf (attribute names and variable types),
slapd.user_oc.conf (objectclass sketch, for your custom object),
<name>.schema (schema definition (a weird syntax definition of
the two above files) where <name> is the name you give it.  Not
that slapd.conf needs to be told to include your custom schema
(but it automatically reads the first two files mentioned)).