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Re: redhat 7.2 and ldap.conf

[Julio removed from reply list because he's on openldap-software.]

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 06:52:51PM +0200, Julio Sanchez Fernandez wrote:
> <Jehan.Procaccia@int-evry.fr> writes:
> > Could it be because I choosed "security medium" during install ?,
> I don't know what that option would mean.

It has to do with the default firewall setup, which shouldn't ever
affect LDAP client operation.

> > PS: "ask RedHAT" ! to what address should I send that request (apart from
> > nalin@redhat.com !)
> Don't nag Nalin directly, go to http://bugzilla.redhat.com, check if
> there is something like that reported or add your own entry if not.
> But check the logs first...

Good advice.  I've just checked that setting my own userPassword
data to "{crypt}$1$saltines$0zSZmGIqyWj5ouZGdTD.B." allows me to
log in using "password" as a password, so I suspect a configuration
problem somewhere.

Does connecting to the server using ldapsearch, and binding to the
user's entry using simple authentication, work?