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Re: redhat 7.2 and ldap.conf

<Jehan.Procaccia@int-evry.fr> writes:

> Could it be because I choosed "security medium" during install ?,

I don't know what that option would mean.

> however
> to run my tests I did stopped ipchains !

In my scripts, that flushes the chains (should be tables by now?).

> also I noticed that an "su -
> username" (username beeing an ldap posixaccount) works fine ! ,even the
> automont map which is in ldap works. So I concluded that there is a
> problem of password encryption somewhere.

All that means nss_ldap and the rest are working alright, but pam_ldap
is failing.

Check you slapd permissions and Make sure you have granted 'auth' to
* or to those connections coming from the client machine.

Otherwise, this could be a 7.2 bug.

> Where ? how could I debug that ?

Check your /var/log/slapd to see if it is trying to BIND, how, and
what is the result of it.

> PS: "ask RedHAT" ! to what address should I send that request (apart from
> nalin@redhat.com !)

Don't nag Nalin directly, go to http://bugzilla.redhat.com, check if
there is something like that reported or add your own entry if not.

But check the logs first...


P.S. I have deleted form the recipient list both Nalin and your own
     mci-unix list that rejects my messages.