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Re: Problems with SSHA and SMD5

Eva García Sanz <egarcia@sgi.es> writes:

> # /usr/local/sbin/slappasswd -h {SSHA} -s password
> Password generation failed.
> I tried this with SHA and everything worked fine:
> # /usr/local/sbin/slappasswd -h {SHA} -s password
> {SHA}W6ph5Mm5Pz8GgiULbPgzG37mj9g=

That's bizarre, I have been trying this on a 2.0.11 on Linux and they
both work for me.

I get errors, however, if I specify an unkown hash function or if I
drop the {}.

Make sure everything is exactly as you wrote ago.


P.S. Give my regards to everyone there, especially LFAP and PPLP, but
most of all MCLS :-)