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Re: redhat 7.2 and ldap.conf

<Jehan.Procaccia@int-evry.fr> writes:

> hello,
> I noticed that redhat 7.2 install nss_ldap-172-2 which include the
> pam_ldap module and the default pam configuration in
> /etc/pam.d/system-auth using pam_ldap.
> also /etc/ldap.conf is by default  set to "pam_password md5", I thing that
> RH 7.1 used "pam_password crypt" by default !? I suspect there is
> something around pam_password, I am I right ?

No, I think that is only used for password updates, authentication
only depends on the ability to bind by sending a plain password.

I suggest you ask RedHat.

Personally, I haven't yet downloaded 7.2, either their servers are
very overloaded or I am on their shitlist.