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redhat 7.2 and ldap.conf


since I upgrade (reinstall) to redhat 7.2, I can no longer authentificate
users against my openldap 2.O.11-1 server (running in RH 7.1). The
wall thing works fine under redhat 7.1 !?

I noticed that redhat 7.2 install nss_ldap-172-2 which include the
pam_ldap module and the default pam configuration in
/etc/pam.d/system-auth using pam_ldap.
also /etc/ldap.conf is by default  set to "pam_password md5", I thing that
RH 7.1 used "pam_password crypt" by default !? I suspect there is
something around pam_password, I am I right ?
by the way , my slapd.conf file doesn't have any "password-hash" keyword
I did changed md5 to crypt in /etc/ldap.conf pam_password but with no
success .

Can anyone tell me if he/she succeeded running authenticate from
RH 7.2 default config to openldap, are there things to change ?


Jehan Procaccia
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