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Re: referral problem (subordinate information)

Am Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2001 07:13 schrieb Kurt D. Zeilenga:
> >------------------------------------------
> >dn: dc=subtree,dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de
> >objectClass: referral
> >objectClass: extensibleObject
> >dc: subtree
> >ref: ldap://ldap2.wlb-stuttgart.de/dc=subtree,dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de
> >------------------------------------------
> You might try ldap://ldap2.wlb-stuttgart.de instead. 

Thanks. That works much better, but there is the little problem, that a one 
level search with base "dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de" returns the rootDSE of the 
inferior server instead of "dc=subtree,dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de" (and a subtree 
search returns "32 No such object").
Is this also due to the problems with the current code you mentioned? Is it 
currently possible to get around this problem?