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Re: referral problem (subordinate information)

At 07:48 AM 2001-10-23, Benjamin Moedinger wrote:
>Hi, I have a problem with referrals:
>I use openldap 2.0.11 and have two servers:
>The superior server "ldap1.wlb-stuttgart.de" (suffix: 
>"dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de") with some information in it and one referral:
>dn: dc=subtree,dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de
>objectClass: referral
>objectClass: extensibleObject
>dc: subtree
>ref: ldap://ldap2.wlb-stuttgart.de/dc=subtree,dc=wlb-stuttgart,dc=de

You might try ldap://ldap2.wlb-stuttgart.de instead.  There
are a few known problems with the current code when specifying
explicit DNs.  See ITS system for details.