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Re: entry control in ldap tree

Poirier Xavier wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering ...
> How OpenLdap can control what is entered in the attribute field ?
> I mean , I have a user "test" who have the attribute "group" positioned
> to "ldap" for example
> What happen if the group "ldap" does not exist in the ou=Groups ?
> Is there any relation between attributes ?
> perhaps may I use the schemachek on ?
> I don't now.

OpenLDAP's slapd does not perform any consistency check, simply 
because it doesn't have any knowlegde of the semantics of the data 
it is storing.
All it can give is syntax check.

> PS: Since here, no one has responded to me for a site example of an LDAP server
> witch implements users and groups and authentifications with SAMBA PDC.
> Is it a dream I am into ? or perhaps I am not in the good mailing list ?
> It is not very simply, perhaps unique authentification with OpenLdap is not
> the solution ...

You'd rather contact a samba/samba TNG mailing list


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