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Re: acl question

At 01:16 PM 2001-10-18, Albert Medina Banda wrote:
>i have HR7.1, openldap 2.07
>I execute:
>ldapadd -f /test.ldif -cvx -D "cn=root,o=serv.info" -w informatica
>I get:
>ldap_bind: Inappropiate authtentication.

Likely the entry doesn't have a userPassword.

>If i executed (without -w)
>ldapadd -f /test.ldif -cvx -D "cn=root,o=serv.info"
>I get:
>ldap_add: Insufficient access
>        additional info: no write access to parent

without -w implies unauthenticated (anonymous) access, hence
no write access.

>Are ther any other think that i have to configurate moreover ACL
>I didn't do nothing with kerberos,
>Can I administrate ,experimentality , my ldap server as a anonymous user, or  i have to use kerberos auth
>please any suggestion is welcome
>Albert Medina B.
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