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Re: Will the Win2K AD support LDAP authentication?

--On Montag, 15. Oktober 2001 14:24 -0700 Daniel Curry <dcurry@cgtime.com> wrote:

I have several Linux and Sun Unix boxes that I would like to
authenticate against a single repository of users.  Will the Win2K
Active Directory support this?

You can use pam_ldap to authenticate against AD. In combination with a recent version of nss_ldap you can also keep user information like uid, uidNumber, etc in AD.

BTW using Kerberos (pam_krb5) with nss_ldap should also be possible. If you intend to use pam_ldap with AD you should think about using LDAP over SSL. This will require a Certification Autority on your W2k server.

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