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Re: duplicate attributeTypes?


Try searching for "userPassword" and "givenName" and 
"preferredDeliveryMethod", etc....  You should find all of these 
attributes in the schemas that come with OpenLDAP 2.0.x.  Most of these 
are in "core.schema".

- Christoph

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Dan Shriver wrote:

> Hello,
>      I am currently migrating a (messed-up) Netscape directory
> server schema, at, oc to openLDAP and am running into some
> strange problems.  Namely when I try to start slapd it complains
> about "Duplicate attributeType" I search for the attribute in
> question and find it defined only once in my schema and at
> files.  I do not see it in any of the standard stuff so I can't
> see a collision there.  The attributes are:
> 	userpassword
> 	givenname
> 	preferreddeliverymethod
> 	telephonenumber
> 	facsimiletelephonenumber
> 	streetaddress
> 	postalcode
> I am planning to (eventually) prefix them with the company name
> (I find non-prefixed names disturbing as they might collide with
> one standard or another) but right now I can't (it would involve
> code changes).  Why am I getting these duplicate errors?