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ACL Business Management

I was just wondering if anyone on the list had specific experience with
creation and maintenance of business rules with regards to ACL's. What I mean
is that the LDAP being set up is for a campus wide repository of information.
The information is not meant to be viewed by everyone, only certain people for
certain purposes. 

There are several ways this can be handled in the database with regards to
roles. IE: application accounts, special user accounts etc. If a user selects
NO to an attribute that says "Do you want to publish your phone number?"
presents a problem because it places the ownnes of maintaining the person's
security on the application/person who has access to the field. 

This is basically a non-technical, and business policy query. But it
dovetail's quite intimately with ACL lists and permissions as far as standard
operating procedures moving forward are concerned.

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