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Re: schema updation

At 09:57 PM 2001-10-09, Gayathri.A wrote:
>1. I have taken my suffix as, ( taking this to be a default suffix ). Is this correct? or should i check anywhere to confirm this? Where to I check?

You have been allocated a private enterprise number (X) from IANA,
then the OID arch delegated to you is

>2. Can I use the existing attributes to form my new objectclass?


>3. When we set our application on the customer side ( installation of our product on the customer side ), do i carry this schema file with me?  Can I use my Oid number  for my customer's schema also?

When one defines a schema element, one must assign an OID to
identify that element.  It doesn't matter whether that OID
comes from you or your customer, what matters is that the
owner of the OID assigns the OID for this purpose and no
other purpose.

> Isn't modification of schema as given below more helpful? 


>cn and sn are present and nothing is deleted or added, only modified as shown. Isn't this  easier than creating my own schema?

It's easy to break things, hard to fix them.  Changing
standard track schema will break things.