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schema updation

       I ask this query with a hope that many of you have successfully extended your schema and can help me.
My oid is 18603 and i started my oid at .
My new local.schema is as shown:


#The OTL_SecureObject represents the objects which are associated with e-securit# y in some way. It is a structural class and is the top objectclass.

objectclass (

NAME 'OTL_SecureObject'

DESC 'secure objects in odyssey technologies'

SUP top


MAY ( cn $ sn $ uid $ mail )


When starting slapd I get the following error:

invalid line :14: local.schema..............

Why do I get this error? 

I hope  I can use the existing attributes for my new objectclass.....

 What should i do get my oid number to be recognized by the ldap server?

Thank You.

A. Gayathri