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Re: memory leak in OpenLDAP2.0.15 on Solaris 2.8

At 08:23 PM 2001-10-09, steve smith wrote:
>I am running some stress tests trying to add 1M entries to slapd via ldapadd utilitiy. I have noticed that each slapd utilizies about 1.9G of memory and memory swapping % is really high. Is slapd a multithreaded application or multiprocess application,

slapd is a threaded application which, depending on the thread
implementation, may result in multiple "cloned" processes.

>why does it fork out 3 to 9 slapds when one LDAP client is used to add these entries sequentially ? 

slapd does call fork() (unless you are using back-shell).

If you see multiple slapd processes, then either you have multiple
instances of slapd running or the thread implementation uses
multiple processes.

I am not familiar with Solaris to comment about the particulars
of their thread implementations except to note that numbers
folks have reported that some versions are significantly flawed.
You may have one of these versions installed on your system.
See the archives of this list and the -bugs list for details.

>I then kill the ldapadd process but the memory utilized by slapd is still at 1.9G, what happened ???

slapd continues to run with all allocated pages.  That's normal.