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CPU utilisation = 99% => death; help, please!

Dear folks,

we have set up OpenLDAP v2.0.15 on RH Linux 7.1 on a 2 CPU 800MHz Acer
box.  We are authenticating about 5000 users with LDAP, with automount
home directories.  We are providing password, group and automount info
to our laboratories.  We have up to 200 users on the system at once.
LDAP stops several times a day.  I watched this happen on /usr/bin/top
today; usage went up to 99%.  I am working arround this using a cron job
that checks the output of ps and restarts ldap if necessary, but we have
a serious problem, and after reading all the documentation, am unsure
what to do next.  I am now running 2.4.10-ac12, but have tried many

I see little information about trouble shooting OpenLDAP.  Can anyone
please point us towards some techniques?  How to get statistics about
the server load?

If anyone wants my user migration program (in Perl, using Net::LDAP),
you're welcome.  It is specialised to our situation, where we import
data from another LDAP server and student records in two silly formats,
but it may be useful to some.

Nick Urbanik   RHCE                                  nicku@vtc.edu.hk
Dept. of Information & Communications Technology
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi)
Tel:   (852) 2436 8576, (852) 2436 8579          Fax: (852) 2436 8526
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