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Re: CPU utilisation = 99% => death; help, please!

On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Nick Urbanik wrote:

> Dear folks,
> we have set up OpenLDAP v2.0.15 on RH Linux 7.1 on a 2 CPU 800MHz Acer
> box.  We are authenticating about 5000 users with LDAP, with automount
> home directories.  We are providing password, group and automount info
> to our laboratories.  We have up to 200 users on the system at once.
> LDAP stops several times a day.  I watched this happen on /usr/bin/top
> today; usage went up to 99%.  I am working arround this using a cron job
> that checks the output of ps and restarts ldap if necessary, but we have
> a serious problem, and after reading all the documentation, am unsure
> what to do next.  I am now running 2.4.10-ac12, but have tried many
> kernels.
> I see little information about trouble shooting OpenLDAP.  Can anyone
> please point us towards some techniques?  How to get statistics about
> the server load?

Turn on a bit of debugging.

I've seen OpenLDAP go to 99% CPU utilization when it ran out of

Try setting "ulimit -n 16000" or somesuch in your script that starts