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about inapropriate authtentication


I have installed ldap 2.07, in RH7.1,
I add new entries using slapadd, and it's ok,
i ejecuted ldapsearch and it's ok too, but I have this error when I executed :
ldapadd -f/test.ldif -cvx -w secret -D"cn=ldap,o=serv.info"

I get:
	ldap_bind Inappropriate authentication

and if i executed:
ldapadd -f/test.ldif -cvx -D "cn=ldap,o=serv.info"

i get this error:

adding new entry "cn=albert medina,ou=MemberGroupA,o=serv.info"
ldap_add: insufficient access
	additional info: no write access to parent

I have installed the GQ tool for administration, and when i want to edit some entry i have this error : Ldap_modrdn2_s:insufficient access

Please any idea with this errors?


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