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Re: Problems with multi-threaded client

At 08:11 PM 2001-10-08, josh wrote:
>Has anyone seen problems like this before ?

Assuming you are using -lldap_r and don't share LDAP handles
between threads, things should work.  slurpd(8) does this.

>Are my load expectations from OpenLDAP too high ?

I do know what your expectations are.

>What is the significance of ldap_enable_cache() failing in 2.0.15 ?

ldap_enable_cache() is experimental, so I don't think there is
much significance to it failing.

>How can i check that my LDAP *ld is valid, without causing an assertion
>failure ?

If you are getting these, you likely are not
passing in valid LDAP handles.  You can certainly
compile with NDEBUG and let the library fail later
with errors which are much less indicative of the