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value #0 invalid per syntax ...


I managed to compile&install openldap without a hitch,
but now I have the following problem, which i tried to solve using the
docs, the issue tracking system without success.
Just after a fresh install & editing slapd.conf :

zboubi:~/ldap# cat /etc/openldap/slapd.conf | grep -v ^#
include         /etc/openldap/schema/core.schema
pidfile         /var/slapd.pid
argsfile        /var/slapd.args
database        ldbm
suffix          "o=zboubi"
rootdn          "cn=Manager,o=zboubi"
rootpw          XXXX
directory       /var/openldap-ldbm

zboubi:~/ldap# cat 3.ldif
dn: o=zboubi
objectclass: organization
o: zboubi

zboubi:~/ldap# ldapadd -x -v -D "cn=Manager,o=zboubi" -W -f 3.ldif
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
Enter LDAP Password:
add objectclass:
add o:
adding new entry "o=zboubi"
ldap_add: Invalid syntax
        additional info: objectclass: value #0 invalid per syntax

ldif_record() = 21

Here is (part of) debug information printed by slapd with option -d -1 :

conn=4 op=1 ADD dn="O=ZBOUBI"
dn2entry_r: dn: "O=ZBOUBI"
=> dn2id( "O=ZBOUBI" )
=> ldbm_cache_open( "/var/openldap-ldbm/dn2id.dbb", 3, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 0)
<= dn2id NOID
send_ldap_result: conn=4 op=1 p=3
send_ldap_result: 21::objectclass: value #0 invalid per syntax
send_ldap_response: msgid=2 tag=105 err=21

I suppose i did something wrong... i tried to modify the suffix and my
ldif file accordingly (replacing o=zboubi by dc=zboubi , and using
ojectclass dcObject) but it happened to answer the same error : "value
#0 invalid per syntax"

Do you understand why ? I don't.

Best regards,
 boris                          bhajduk@zboubi.com