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object schema ??

Hello all,
I'am working with ldap object schema now. I wonder if ldap server requires
that all objectclasses (except top) must have attributes or if we can have
an objectclasses withow any attributes. Ex: can ldap schema checking accept
an objectclass like this:

objectclass classNoAttribute
    superior person

i have tested with some server LDAP , this object is not accepted, in
general (and in particular openLdap) is this objectclass acceptable ??.

Beside, some server LDAP like SUN DS does not accept to modify the schema by
using operations of JNDI, I have tested with these codes but one exception
was thrown : "Function not Implemented".

DirContext schema = rootEntry.getSchema("");  // get Schema

 // Add the new schema object for "fooObjectClass"
Attributes attrs = new BasicAttributes(true); // Ignore case
attrs.put("NUMERICOID", "");
attrs.put("NAME", "fooObjectClass");
attrs.put("DESC", "for JNDITutorial example only");
attrs.put("SUP", "top");
attrs.put("STRUCTURAL", "true");
Attribute must = new BasicAttribute("MUST", "cn");

DirContext newClass = schema.createSubcontext( "ClassDefinition/"+
objectDef.getClassName(), attrs);

Have any one of you try to modify schema of others ldap servers using JNDI,
esspecially schema of OpenLDAP ??. Does it supported by openLDAP?? Can
anyone help me.?

I am looking to hearing from you


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