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odd ldap error: missing required attribute

hi, i'm just starting with ldap, so forgive me if i've made an obvius
mistake, but i cannot seem to see what my error is.  

i am populating my new directory for use with qmail-ldap and i am coming
up with this error when i try to add my ou to the directory: 

michael@loki:~/ldap_stuff > ldapadd  -acrv -h loki -D
"cn=manager,dc=legendary,dc=net" -w *******  -f sig_ldap_test4.ldf
ldap_init( loki, 0 )
add objectclass:
adding new entry "ou=employees, dc=legendary, dc=net"
ldap_add: Object class violation
        additional info: missing required attribute

ldif_record() = 65

here is the ldif that the add is choking on:

michael@loki:~/ldap_stuff > cat sig_ldap_test4.ldf
dn: ou=employees, dc=legendary, dc=net
objectclass: top
objectclass: organizationalUnit

what objectclass is missing from the ldif to cause that problem?  
i cannot find any other required objectclasses.



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