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Re: Fw: Synchronize master ldbm with slaves

At 10:33 AM 2001-08-26, Todd Nguyen wrote:
>> I am trying to synchronize all my slave LDAP server databases with one
>> master database by first loading one million entries into LDAP Storage (on
>> Linux) on one master node and then copy it to other Linux Boxes within the
>> cluster (scp /export/home/var/openldap-ldbm/* to remote hosts). I then try
>> to bring up the slapd daemon but it cores dump. Is there a way for me to
>> populate my *.dbb files to other remote hosts without loading a million
>> entries on each slave slapd.

You should be able to make a tarball of the database directory
(while slapd is not running), copy the tarball, and unarchive
without problems.  scp(1) might work as well, but I am not sure
of its internals.

Note that database files are both OpenLDAP and Berkeley DB version
specific... and should be on local filesytems.