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ldappasswd on version 1.2.11 PLEASE HELP


I'm trying to transfer the content of a LDAP server from netscape directory
server v3.1 to openldap v1.2.11 using the manual from Dirk Datzert
I'm hanging by the integration of openldap with netscape enterprise server. 

how do I exactly define a new password for the rootdn which is 'rootdn
"cn=Directory Manager"' in my slapd.conf???
I used ldappasswd and when I type in the password for the rootdn I set in
the slapd.conf I get the failure "ldap_bind: Invalid credentials". when I
don't give a bind password I get the failure message "ldap_modify: No such
object". I execute ldappasswd like this:

ldappasswd -a userPassword -D "cn=Directory Manager" -W -h -p 389

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