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  Thanks for all the help my ldap server is up, has 4 entries, a manager and
3 children (subordinates).  A few questions though:

1)  Is there a list of "attributes" that have special meanings?  i.e.  use
mail, not "email"?  They're recognized differently, what to use for a "full
name" entry, password, etc?

2) Is there a quick HOWTO on Setting up authentication for Linux, Solaris,
Windows (multiple flavors) ?  Any good starting points?

3) How to "cleanup" the output?  I'm using "ldapbrowser" in my tests and the
order of fields displayed is a bit ugly.  I open the Directory in Netscape
Communciator, search up a user by email and display him, just as
disorganized, how do you give it a better display?  

4) How to hide fields?  If someone opens my entry in the Directory, I don't
want it to show who modified, when, etc to the general population, they
don't need to know this.