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RE: authentication

> 1)  Is there a list of "attributes" that have special 
> meanings?  i.e.  use
> mail, not "email"?  They're recognized differently, what to 
> use for a "full
> name" entry, password, etc?

All standard attributetypes are defined in the schemas that come with
OpenLDAP. You define what schema files your slapd uses in the slapd.conf
file. Refer to these schema files for the standard attributetype set, which
you probably shouldn't mess with. Refer to an LDAP manual for an explanation
of the syntax of the schemas.
You can, of course, define your own attributetypes and objectclasses.

> 3) How to "cleanup" the output?  I'm using "ldapbrowser" in 
> my tests and the
> order of fields displayed is a bit ugly.  I open the 
> Directory in Netscape
> Communciator, search up a user by email and display him, just as
> disorganized, how do you give it a better display?

This is probably a client-side issue. But I could be wrong...

> 4) How to hide fields?  If someone opens my entry in the 
> Directory, I don't
> want it to show who modified, when, etc to the general 
> population, they
> don't need to know this.

Change the ACLs by editing the slapd.conf file. Specifically change the
access controls for whatever info you want to hide.