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Re: Download RPM for Redhat, install on Redhat 6.2

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, someone wrote:

> There is a version of RPM 3.x for Red Hat 6.2 that can handle RPM 4 format
> files. I would recoomend you check the Red Hat updates site and make sure
> you have the latest version of rpm for RH 6.2 before doing anything else
> that requires more work.

Yep, there is an rpm of RPM 4.0.2 for RH 6.2 in their updates directory on 
the redhat FTP site (note-- never use the web frontend for their updates, at 
least for 6.2, it HORRIBLY lags behind what files are on their FTP server.

> > You can try to upgrade to a newer version of RPM (4.0.2 as of RH7.1), or
> I have heard nothing good about the RPM 3 -> RPM 4 upgrade process. Folks I
> respect are advising against it.

I have RH6.2 and upgraded to RPM 4.0.2 flawlessly, just be sure to rebuild 
your RPM database when you upgrade (it's a command line option in RPM, I 
wanna say --rebuilddb but that's too easy). If you don't do that.. then yah 
you might have some weird problems. Works great for me.

Note.. if that RPM was made with RH7.1, it's probablly going to depend on 
Glibc 2.2 and friends, RH6.2 is Glibc 2.1, so you'll have lots of dependancy 
problems unless you update out the wazoo (which works fine BTW). Good luck.