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Re: memory leak in 1.2.11

"Werner Reisberger" <werner@pure.ch> wrote...
> I am running a linux debian system with kernel 2.2.14. Last time my system
> went to the knees, it wasn't a real crash but the whole memory was
> and a reboot was the only help. There wasn't any hint in the logs what's
> happened only on the console a kernel error message said that processes
> couldn't get launched because of lack of memory.
> In the following days I watched the memory consumption of the processes
> and saw that the virtual memory size of the slapd processes grew day by
> Starting with approx. 4 kbytes slapd consumed 100 MB after 30 days.
> Did anybody made similar experiences? I compiled openldap myself.

we made this experience on AIX and Solaris, when we compiled multithreaded.
though a test on a linux system (redhat7.0) a few days ago worked out very
good, no problems.
did you compile with threads..? try to turn of threading, unless you
_really_ need it.. maybe this'll help.