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Re: LDAP and Active Directory

dannyman wrote:
> I will mention the solution we used in the last environment I was at.
> We ran OpenLDAP, and Cyrus IMAPd, and NIS, and for groupware stuff, we
> used Steltor CorporateTime, which is a seperate Calendar thing from MS
> Exchange.  However, they make an Outlook plug-in to use Outlook in
> corporate mode, making use of their Calendar server and you local
> IMAP/SMTP servers.  This, of course, is a weird proposition, and the
> early versions caused us grief.  Newer version of this plug-in have been
> developed by this company.
> Then you only have to pay for ONE commercial server, which runs on Unix.
> :)
> -danny

Thank you very much. From their website it sounds to be exactly what we
need here. (If their pricing will be ok ;).
I'll read their docs and give it a try. Although there is no explicit
support of openldap-server, it should be possible to translate their
iPlanet DS schema, right?
Thank you again.

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