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Re: LDAP and Active Directory

On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 11:28:15AM +0200, Dirk Maaß wrote:
> dannyman wrote:

[ ... Using Steltor CorporateTime and their Outlook Connector as an
Exchange replacement ... ]

> Thank you very much. From their website it sounds to be exactly what we
> need here. (If their pricing will be ok ;).
> I'll read their docs and give it a try. Although there is no explicit
> support of openldap-server, it should be possible to translate their
> iPlanet DS schema, right?

Yes.  There is actually something in the OpenLDAP FAQ about this.  If
you're an educational institution, they should just GIVE you the
software, IMO. ;)

I was actually in the process of transitioning off of iPlanet when my job
cut came along, so I did not get to test this product against OpenLDAP,
but the fact that the OL FAQ tells you how to go about things implies
that somebody out there is using this software combination.

This would also imply that someone out there may be able to offer you an
OL schema file that has already been generated based on the iPlanet one.