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openLDAP vs Netscape

     I'm trying to do a "fair" comparison of openLDAP vs
Netscape and am interested in sharing results / tests / scripts
/ ideas / test approaches with others.
     So far I'm using netscapes tools simply because their tools
work against both openLDAP and ns whereas openLDAP's tools don't
work against netscape (undoubtedly due to some quirk on the
netscape side), and am generating REAMS of data about time to
search databases of various sizes.

     Are there good tools out their for "unbiased" testing (one
big problem I'm having is that ns and openLDAP don't always have
clean .conf mappings.  That and sometimes when they do it is not
quite possible to tune one like the other)?  What is the overall
impression of DirectoryMark?

     Anyone who wants my results (or to share results, or test
ideas / experience) can mail me at dshriver@sharemedia.com