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data cache on ldap server on QNX....


I am running some tests on openldap version 2.0.11 on QNX. I am using
the sample programs and data from the openldap package which are under
tests and clients/tools directory. I am using test003-search but have
modified the ldapsearch.c file to do all four types of search as part of
single process, basically  init, bind, do 4 original searches in loop (
more than 1000 times) and unbind. I am using the default datacache size
of 1000 entries. Since there are not more than 20-30 entries in the
example ldif file, I thought that all the data will be available in the
server cache and there will not be any disk accesses. but I see disk
accesses (from the disk led on the system). this is the only application
running on the system with 128MB of ram. as a backend I am using
berkeleyDB 3.2.9. 

has anyone noticed similar behaviour? I am not able to run db_stat
utility. it is not able to open some device and it fails... so not sure
if the cache is enabled.
Is there any other way of verifying it?