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Re: Keeping track of lastModifiedTime and lastModifiedBy

Pierangelo Masarati proclaimed:
> They're operational attributes: you cannot modify them;
> all you need to do is set lastmod on (BTW it is on by default).
> However, you need to explicitly require them when searching.
> Note that the special code '+' (a plus) allows to ask for ALL
> the operational attrs when querying the server.
> So:
> ldapsearch '*' '+'
> will require ALL the available attrs, while
> ldapsearch creatorsName createTimestamp modifiersName modifyTimestamp
> will return the create/modify attribs for all the entries.

Thanks.  That works.  A followup question.  The modifyTimestamp returned
does not seem to be the standard unix epoch.  I get a value like
0010727022521Z.  I'm accessing the directory using PHP's ldap
functions.  How do I convert the returned modifyTimestamp to the unix


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