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Re: Keeping track of lastModifiedTime and lastModifiedBy

Sudhakar Chandra wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using the core, inetorgperson and cosine schemas with my LDAP
> server.  I want to store the lastModifiedTime and lastModifiedBy with
> each person entry in the directory.  Can I configure slapd to
> automagically add this upon an entry's modification?  Or do I need to do
> this from the LDAP client that is modifying the entry?

They're operational attributes: you cannot modify them;
all you need to do is set lastmod on (BTW it is on by default).
However, you need to explicitly require them when searching.
Note that the special code '+' (a plus) allows to ask for ALL
the operational attrs when querying the server.

ldapsearch '*' '+'

will require ALL the available attrs, while

ldapsearch creatorsName createTimestamp modifiersName modifyTimestamp

will return the create/modify attribs for all the entries.


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