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Re: Embed RADIUS's authentication into SLAPD's authentication


You might want to look at Interlink's RADIUS product.  It works
very well using either an LDAP server or the existing /etc/passwd
file as a data store.  Check out:


I've been using this tool for years with good results.

Have a GREAT day!
Pete Stoddard

shih-chang wang wrote:
> Hi, all:
> I prepare to build a LDAP server for customers. Before this, we have
> already
> thousands of member in the RADIUS system. However, there is some
> difficult
> to migrate user's Password into OpenLDAP( for on-line system
> availability comsideration).
> One possible way is to modify the SLAPD souce code, that is, embed
> RADIUS's authentication
> function into SLAPD. Could you give me some suggestions?   Which
> SLAPD's programs may I
> modify? Difficulty degree?
> Thank you very much!
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