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Embed RADIUS's authentication into SLAPD's authentication

Hi, all:
I prepare to build a LDAP server for customers. Before this, we have already
thousands of member in the RADIUS system. However, there is some difficult
to migrate user's Password into OpenLDAP( for on-line system availability comsideration).
One possible way is to modify the SLAPD souce code, that is, embed RADIUS's authentication
function into SLAPD. Could you give me some suggestions?   Which SLAPD's programs may I
modify? Difficulty degree?
Thank you very much!
Shih-Chang Wang
Associate Researcher
Internet & Multimedia Application Tech. Lab.
ChungHwa Telecom Laboratories
E-MAIL: purewang@cht.com.tw
TEL: 03-4245340
FAX: 03-4201244